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Attic Fans...Friends or Foes?

Attic vent fans are design to keep your house cooler in the summer by cooling your attic through a process of constant ventilation.

The average attic can get up to 150 degrees in the summer time, but by having an attic vent fan - your attic temperature can be decreased by 40%! Before investing in a radiant barrier or toxic insulation alternative, compare your options.

So how does a savvy homeowner like you determine whether you really need one? I mean is there really a significant value? Let's take a look...

1. Do they save energy?

Yes and No. Yes, depending on a high-powered fan motor that is constantly ventilating an attic space. Therefore allowing the home to remain cooler based on the structure of the home.

No if you already have a highly insulated attic padding and the attic is structurally more secure, not allowing air to easily flow through to livable spaces.

2. Do they make my home stay cooler?

Yes and No. Yes, depending on how accessible your attic is to your livable areas, you may notice up to a 90 degrees difference. Structurally the attic insulation will trap the and form a barrier for excessive heat or cooling to enter into livable spaces. This of the ventilation process to help circulate and escape unwanted temperature spikes in your home.

No if you already have a highly insulated attic padding and structurally the attic is more secure, not allowing air to easily flow through to livable spaces. If you have a combination of a radiant barrier included, you will not see much of a difference.

3. Is it worth the cost?

Yes. 95% of customers that installed attic fans say it is worth the investment. Normally it takes 1 - 2 fans to be installed to a specific location in your attic area for optimal ventilation and removal of excessive temperatures. Homeowners confirmed they did not have "buyers remorse" or regret. The average installation for a completed attic installation was $590. This amount is less than radiant barriers, or the standard attic insulation foam. Customers felt their was a healthier alternative rather than introducing chemicals or toxins in areas of their home,

Affordable Electric can also repair existing attic vent fans by using only premium, high output fan motors. The attic vent fans supplied by Affordable Electric have a 5 year warranty, plus you get a 1 year parts and labor warranty through Affordable Electric, Inc.

Contact us for more information. We'll be happy to help you!

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